Inforsment company solidify the company issued two memos

US 3 million Indians ready to blow.




Arjun Modi Rupee

Aside from strengthening his country’s stance that Arjun —– —— China-prepared to deal with Pakistan is a country on the other breakers —— Dhritarashtra Duryodhana —— ——- —— ====== shakunee soft Akhilesh —- —- —– Rahul and Mayawati are gang war as the Kauravas UPS is the people of the Pandavas —- —– —– Akhilesh Rahul sided with the Kauravas —— —— generations Pctaagi blood Aanshu Royegi– betĀ 

Shahid Bhagat Singh College land sold. Free of cost….

Raisinghnagar News

HP did not disclose terms are created Bbal throughout the region, and the purchase and,
.The Sellers are raised against the boil
… Note that the college sold the land only nine million, almost two-year ago.

Modi righ?

My dear brothers Congress,
Blake finished cooking gas, right?
Blake finished urea, right?
Blake finished kerosene, right?
Blake stopped fetching rations of goods, right?
Congressman brothers,
Hand on heart tell
Blake word was lost, right?
Black with Congress in the year 60, could not!
Modi made with black, right?
Modi will equip the conference, right?
Say yes or no brothers Congress ……

shyam sisodia raisingh nagar


Entertenment all the way

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