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i am a very simple man.

To quit

Whether it be any alcohol intoxication, chewing tobacco, or any tobacco.
Little pieces of ginger and chop away at them sprinkle rock salt, lemon, squeeze on these pieces and put the pieces to dry in the sun. Just be prepared medicine when dry.
Now whenever an addictive piece extracted and then began to suck it up. Ginger does not dissolve in the mouth, it can keep you from dawn to dusk in the mouth.
It will not.
If you do use it 3 to 4 days, you’ll be drug-free. If a very large regular drink addict or if they can take the 7 to 8 days.


cash less india

Here is why the government must first cashless wine shops also need cash to ₹ are millions of daily. Each bank account just for this purpose, based on the BPL card holders and card (which has one) should also be affiliated.
Its biggest advantage is that they will also know that the government of the people, the government reserve, economic aid, subsidies, fee waivers, exemptions jobs, 2 Rukkilo wheat, free housing, BPL benefits, etc. are given the poor may not be so.
If you agree with my view on people and the Central and state governments also share the sound delivered by

Throwaway prices sent the college grounds

Extremely bad news for the town, thousands of students reading at the college students dream of your future treasure were sitting in the same college 2 years ago the land was sold at throwaway prices to the appearance hurriedly confusion administration now Patwari has lodged an FIR against half a dozen people, including thousands of the town’s bad news for students.Police started the investigation in view of the seriousness of the case has revealed that the area was splashed across.

Gold Goddess Bawri MLA said the case showed us today in the Assembly today will raise the case Image