Modi …modi….modi….modi…..

Brothers and sisters in the country debates …. Nssd Modi used the limited language. was delivered. Today, when he tells the truth of the past 30-35 years, the opposition leaders, including the Kagrens went looking chilly. Mach went back burning. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has said that the right over the past almost 35 years, the country’s economic policies have been involved in making somewhere where his honesty and went away? Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi’s special Cmmche dumb reality of sin which have been made known to the nation? Face up to ten years with a belt tied tarnishing the country’s prime minister Manmohan Singh in Rajya Sabha today washed freshly bathed without coming out of the house, Modi’s curses with what right? While she wanted to speak to her in secret, not a word not to be Roman Tai Russia. These things come today indecorous language which Modi was speaking country Gungo exorbitance tell the truth is not. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said that’s not the Kagenrasio so ruptured to release the pieces that they have been determined to kill Modi. Imran Masood of Kagrens Modi into pieces that I will say. The country’s most honest politician Lalu says not blood that he sells tea. Madam Sonia ji and our own broken Medi counter Modi in Hindi Death Dealer says. Ftte bamboo Jease not know how many times throated Pappu Modi used indecent language. While Pappu would not have known what he was saying? People tell him what they have told the brother Pappu? The thing to remember is to take red pepper grown Rajiv Gandhi had said. Iyer’s Maniskanr Kagrens TV channel in Pakistan went Modi speaks about the indecent language. Prime Minister so rubbish and indecorous language being spoken is the last two and half years, why not speak on that? Why does not anyone remember the dignity or exorbitance? And then Sonia Gandhi’s son-Iranian films made corrupt scoundrels Vadra Robert Vadra as the robber’s appearance as the Joker in the guise of the mother and brother were millions they earn Rs Arbo Modi makes learning. Hey, what are you saying. Bolan Bolan Ta Wei log Giya Chhazz Chhalian … Modi has arisen since the prime minister took these Saarow hemorrhoids. He said in Parliament that he uttered a thousand percent right. Elephant goes on his way to keep the dog eyebrow eyebrow eyebrow eyebrow. Modi should continue its work.

shyam sisodia
shyam sisodia

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